Top 10 Nail Colors for Summer 2017

With the overwhelming amount of nail polish brands and colors out there, it can sometimes be hard to keep track of the latest color trends. The summer season is quickly approaching, and there are sure to be new releases from all the brands for the best time of year to show off the perfect mani/pedi. From timeless reds, to new nail tints, this season is bringing back a couple of classics and introducing some funky freshness into the mix.

1058 Nail & Spa is giving a guide to the 10 hottest nail color trends to rock this summer:

1. Pale Blue- Soft and subtle, yet fun and youthful, pale blues make you feel the happiness of the summer months by just looking at your nails.

2. Tinted Topcoats- The latest in the nail polish world, these sheer, nail perfecting tints are making a big splash for those who love a bare but polished, clean look.

3. Milky White- The winter white trend isn’t going anywhere! Milky whites give a bright, clean, not chalky, look that will take you through the summer months.

4. Pale “Vintage” Pink- A sweet, girly shade that is a little “dustier” than your typical pink, this color will compliment just about everything in your wardrobe.

5. Cobalt Blue- Blue is sometimes considered a risky color to pull off, but this electric shade will shake things up a bit and looks best if worn on shorter square nails.

6. Coral- This summer classic is back with a vengeance this year. Try a bright, vivid coral hue for a fun vacation look that is sure to bring the heat.

7. Cherry Red- Always a staple no matter the season, try a traditional cherry red for a sexy, playful, yet sophisticated look all summer long.

8. Neons- Make a bold statement this summer with the popular 80’s colors. Shocking yellows, pinks and greens make a fun splash on toes while walking in the sand.

9. Dove Grey- For a modern look that is still considered neutral, try a moody gray hue.

10. Iridescent- What was once a color for your grandma is now making a serious comeback thanks to YSL’s iridescent spring shades. These pearl like colors have an iridescent finish that is surprisingly modern, and when they catch the light they make for some serious magic.

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