What Colors Look Good Together With Pink Nails

A quick tip by a nail salon. Manicures and pedicures have become the latest accessory in many ways, furnishing a stylish counterpoint to any number of outfits. With the ability to add an instant dose of glamour, sophistication or edge to a look, manicures make a major impact -- and as such, should be considered when grappling with what clothing to wear on any given day. Bold and bright manis utilizing vivid hues are all the rage, so opt for clothing that complements a common and stunning shade like pink.


Neutrals are a wonderful way to go when choosing the perfect outfit to complement an adorable pink manicure. Monochromatic looks are not only a stylish choice, but they allow the beauty of a manicure to pop.Try a beige sheath dress, ivory pencil skirt or a camel-colored trench coat to create a stunning ensemble that meshes perfectly with a feminine nail color like pink. A comfortable and casual black cotton maxi dress look fabulous with a cool fedora and bright pink nails. For glam nights out, pair black leather leggings with a black blouse and gold jewelry to give your mani a chance of taking center stage.


A bold, vivid hue like orange is an on-trend choice to pair with pink when done properly. Brights like fuchsia and orange look striking together, and are commonly seen on spring runways as designers are prone to combine these two saturated hues. A pair of faded denim jeans and high heels is a playful look when combined with a silky orange blazer or blouse and your statement nails. An orange jumpsuit, while flashy, is a glamorous choice when dressing with your pink mani in mind.

Black & White

The classic combination of black and white pairs wonderfully with pops of bright color, so opt for garments in this color palette to let your pink mani really shine. Sport a white silk camisole with a pair of black high-waisted trousers for a sleek ensemble sure to earn major style points. A white cotton sundress has the same impact. Pair a black and white outfit with a pink lip and matching nails for a look that's perfectly appropriate for tons of occasions.


A combination of turquoise and pink is a refreshing twist on cool color blocking. Pair a turquoise dress with a bright pink manicure for a fresh summer or spring outfit. Gorgeous turquoise bracelets or statement cocktail ring will look fabulous when paired with pink nails, while a turquoise sequined camisole with white jeans is a chic ensemble to try as well. If the occasion calls for glamorous attire, a turquoise silk gown with a fuchsia manicure is a stunning way to make a style statement.

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